Spring & Mulberry

A modern food meets wellness brand exploring a world of sweet beyond sugar. Founded by Kathryn Shah and Sarah Bell, the inspiration for Spring & Mulberry came from Kathryn's personal experience, “A trip to Dubai on the way to visit my husband’s family in India awoke me to the pleasure of dates, no longer relegated to natural food bins of American groceries. Fast forward a few years and a cancer diagnosis led me to quit refined sugar and explore the healing power of food. While looking for ways to satisfy my sweet tooth, I began experimenting with the dates, nuts, and cacao that form the foundation of Spring & Mulberry’s offerings today.” Their purpose is to transform America's relationship with sugar by showcasing the beauty and pleasure of whole, naturally sweet, fantastic-for-you ingredients - jammy dates, floral pollens, rich cacaos, and tangy spices. The dates used to sweeten their chocolate are a particularly powerful ingredient, delivering both flavor and nutrition. The high fiber content in dates slows the digestion of sugar, resulting in a lower glycemic index than sugar, honey, or maple syrup. Dates also serve up more polyphenol antioxidants than blueberries and more potassium than bananas per serving.