Greek Yogurt Sheet Mask Box

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Diverse amount of nutritional ingredients delivered into the skin. Brightens the skins complexion. Smooths Skin. Balance the skin tone


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How to Use

Sheet Mask Tips: No spa? No problem. On clean skin, apply our organic sheet masks 1-2x per week (20-30 mins) to give your skin an at-home spa treatment. Prior to using, pop your sheet mask in the fridge for a cooling effect. Don’t forget to apply all that extra serum in the pouch to your neck and chest!


Greek Yogurt is not only known for its probiotic benefits when consumed. It contains lactic acid (alpha hydroxy acid), which gently exfoliates your skin for an even and brighter complexion. The use of Greek Yogurt in topical applications may reduce redness, inflammation, acne, discoloration, and relieve sunburns. Beta-Glucan is naturally derived from oats, fungi, yeast, plants, and algae. Not only can it protect your immune system on the inside, but also works to protect the outside layer of your skin from harmful bacteria that can damage the skin barrier. It is known as a humectant that retains moisture in your skin, boosting your skin’s hydration and leaving your skin feeling plump and supple


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